News Flash

The Government has confirmed that all legal coronavirus restrictions will be lifted from Monday 19 July at step 4 of the roadmap.

In line with Government guidance and advice, some coronavirus restrictions will be lifted at the Club from 19 July. All one-way systems will be removed and social distancing requirements will be relaxed, which will mean most spaces can return to their normal usage. This would include the provision of teas at home matches.

Although social distancing is ending, the Directors are committed to ensuring members and visitors still protect themselves and others. We recommend that everyone should wear face coverings in crowded indoor areas (e.g. changing rooms, bar area) and we expect members and visitors to be respectful and considerate of others in situations where they could feel uncomfortable.

Before the Directors plan for and authorise any social events at the Club, we feel that it is important to hear from the members. It would be helpful if you could respond to this message, letting us know your views on attending social events and using the Clubhouse under the conditions outlined above.

Going forward, please remember that everyone: 

  • must not visit the Club if they feel unwell;
  • is expected to bring a face covering to wear in the Clubhouse;
  • should wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitiser is freely available

The Directors 16.07.21