Our Club

The Club was established in 1974 at Holbrook Lane, Chislehurst, to assist in the upkeep and defraying costs of the Green (donated by Mrs.Jacobs, a widow of a Mason), which was the amenity for the Residents of the ‘Prince George, Duke of Kent Court Masonic Home’. In 2006, with changing times and Residents entering the Home at a later age and not playing bowls anymore, the Club, which, by then, had members who were not residents (some not Masons either), was asked to find other other facilities, with financial help from the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, who were keen to develop the Site.

Having registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club in October 2006, the Club, now incorporated, acquired the land they now occupy, leased from the London Borough of Bromley and set about building their own Green and Clubhouse, which was completed by April 2007. Our then Chairman, now Life President, Ted Camp, made the move possible and was responsible for all the planning and organisation of the work involved.

   The Video below shows the substantial building works involved to facilitate the move 

   from Chislehurst to Mottingham

   If you have the time (13 minutes), it’s really worth watching

   Background music is part of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.23


 In 2015, we built a substantial extension to our Clubhouse, with the help of a very generous  legacy, gifted to us by a very respected member of the Club,    the Late George D. Fluester

Progress of the works involved are shown in photos in our Photo Gallery

                     ~  ‘Building the Extension’ ~ Phase  1, 2, Final Phase & Opening Day

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